Green Woodpecker- Groene Specht(Picus viridis)

The European green woodpecker is a middle sized woodpecker that is 30–36 cm in length with a 45–51 cm wingspan.   Both sexes are green above and pale yellowish green below, with yellow rump and red crown and nape. The nesting hole is larger 6x7cm but similar to those of the other woodpeckers. It may be a few feet above the ground or at the top of a tall tree. The European green woodpecker is often found on the ground foraging for ants and other insects and small reptiles are also taken occasionally. It is a shy and vigilant bird and draws attention with its loud almost tropical calls.

The pictures of mine are made on a graveyard in Berlin. I think on every graveyard in the city here there is a couple of Green Woodpeckers. The one shown here is a juvenile foraging for ants.