Yes that’s me!!!!… well in my younger years.


I can’t remember when I ever got the passion to start birding but on these pictures you get an idea.

Here we were out with an uncle of a friend of mine placing sticks to prevent the farmers driving over the birds nests.

That Friend of mine is now actually working for Birdlife International in South America.


I did lose track of the birds maybe when they went south I stayed north. 

But I was also busy with other interest like soccer, school and maybe with getting adult and stuff like that.






The last 10 years I am professionaly making sculptures. It became more serious

cause it became a job.

You get more responsibility but that leads to great jobs,

nice travels and beautiful nature cause you mostly work outside.


When I did a 2 week project in Portugal there was no birding on my mind.

Until… I saw the birds flying around what I dreamed of when I was a kid.

I saw the Flamingos, Bee eaters, little Owls etc etc….


I just got a camera to photograph my sculptures so I tried it on the birds.

I don’t have the pictures any more cause they were terrible…hahaha.


I got a new field guide of birds and watched ,read  and learned about birds, the anatomy and

photography and of course the combination of them.


IMG_3680 copy


The last picture….. this is me now in 2013 happy together with my better half

making pictures of birds in Kuwait.




Main eguipment:

Canon 1d Mark IV

Canon 300mm F2.8 + converters.

Canon 24-105

Redged RHDC 336 tripod + Jobu jr sidekick

Lowepro Vertex200 back pack

Eden 10-42 binoculars