About me….

Im a self-taught photographer from The Netherlands(1981).

I started to be more serious in 2009 when I started to travel more for work and tried to capture my trips. From making pictures of people, architecture, cultures… I now mostly photograph birds and my work in sculpting. Before going on a trip I read in about culture and the nature that I can find Packing all my photo gear Ill be off on a new adventure.





One of the great birding places I go every year Fort Meyers Beach.

IMG_3780Together with good friend and great birder Mike Pope birding in Kuwait.geopho-2480

On a project for best friend PureMaxim.com in Graz Switserland.

_M1L1152Picture time!!! together with my own sponsor KD Air to fly to Vancouver Island Canada.


In Kuwait very happy to find the Spanisch sparrows that came together in the reeds.


For tv programme Abenteuer leben to make the longest sand sculpture 27.3 km (16.96 miles) on island isle of Rügen, Germany, on 12 June 2011.


_M1L8064Busan Korea making a sculpture 25m long 5m high in 10 days work!!